Being Good Neighbors Budget

Please donate something off of this list or a couple of bucks toward something off of this list.  Let’s crush this list and we can go bigger!!!   You are awesome.  Together, we are totally awesome.  Let’s package some food and reconnect.  See you in August!

Goal: package and deliver 45,000 meals

ItemQuantity NeededApproximate Cost
Harvest Pack Fee$11,250
Event Insurance2 sites$1200
Coffee1 Bag$12
Coffee Cups300$29
Coffee Stirrers1,000 ct.$12
Creamer180 ct x 2$34
Sugar200 ct x 2$22
Breakast/bagels for
registration team
(Breakfast for all, not in
original budget)
Juice Boxes40 ct x 3$21
Bottled Water40 ct x 20$140
P.A. System$40
Table Rental30$300
Chair Rental50$63
Snacks42 ct$75
Fresh Fruit$125
Paper Towels1 case$25
Business Expenses$200
Ice30 Bags$105
Cargo Van Rental1$150
Spray Cleaner1$5
Sponsor Banner$200
Tuck tape1$7
Event Signs8$64
Paper1 reem$4
Name tags100 ct x 4$28
Event Shirts300$4125
Garbage Bags70 ct/30 gal$26
School Rental$500
Sandwiches for lunch/
Park rental$200
Approx. Total$23,000

***Each team will be asked to bring either a side, dessert or beverages for our park picnic to complete the experience.

If you have questions or need information regarding how to give any item on this list please contact us directly through our website.  Thank you for your continued support.